By Alabi Ayomide

On the 13th day of April, 2023, the internet broke out with the story of Achraf Hakimi, a Moroccan professional footballer who plays for Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain and the Morocco national team (Wikipedia). There are lots of things to deduce and learn from Hakimi’s story. A lot of people (men majorly) are supporting him saying he did the right thing. It seems there are women who intentionally get married to rich men, and later divorce them after claiming half or all their property.

Research has it that most of the richest women in the world get their wealth from taking half their husband’s property after divorce.

Women like Mckenzie Scott who is worth $57.7billion after divorcing her billionaire husband Jeff Bezos, Sue Gross, Elaine Wynn, Melinda Gates and Sue Ann Arnall all became billionaires after divorcing their husbands. (Google)


There is also another assertion that white women get married to rich black men just for them to file a divorce later and claim half or in most cases all the guy’s property, thereby reducing him to a pauper. They take advantage of the fact that the law favors white women over black men.

EMMANUEL EBOUE tops that list. It is obvious that the things black men get away with in their African country, they suffer for it heavily when they are married to a white woman abroad.


There is this other assertion that followed Hakimi’s divorce story that a wife is not your family. Your family are your parents and siblings. This was the part of Hakimi’s story I got first and it brought a lot of questions to my mind. I asked my male friends and they all believe your wife is your family, it seems everyone was just catching a cruise or they are just saying it out of ignorance but for clarity sake, I’ll explain further.


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Your wife is your family because you are married to her. You have done the necessary rites to make her become not just a part of you but also a part of your family. Infact, the way God planned it, after God, your wife comes next. You respect and value each other’s family but, you should both come first in each other’s life (Genesis 2:24 (NIV): That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh).So many people will disagree with this but that’s God’s plan.

Legally, you are related to your spouse by marriage. If you separate from or divorce your wife legally, she is no longer your family but like it is stated in the scripture above, God approves it that your wife is your family that’s why divorce is not part of His plan for a marriage.

The same way we have bad spouses, we also have bad siblings, parents, Aunty, uncle etc. Parents abandon their children, we’ve heard cases of siblings duping each other, Uncles kill nephews and nieces because of property so technically anybody can leave you and hurt you. If you have a good and Godly family, be thankful.

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Another assertion is that most women in African countries endure toxic marriage because if they leave, they are left to suffer and they lose to their supposed toxic husband, including their children who get raised by another woman the man marries. Even if they get custody of their child/children, they are too poor to care for them and end up being miserable all their life just because they left a bad marriage. If such women have the opportunity to be under a law that’ll fight for them and enable them to get an amount that will set them up for the next phase of their life from the husband, are we going to say they are bad people?

We agree that some of these celebrities can be framed and made to suffer for what they didn’t do, but what if they were not framed? What if an innocent wife was just trying to leave a bad marriage and it just caught the public’s eye because the husband is a public figure. We can also agree that being a public figure doesn’t make anyone a saint. There’s a lot to deduce from this story but I’ll stop here.

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