BBTitans: Ebubu In Shock As Ipeleng Uses Veto Power To Put Him In Grand Finale

The last twelve Big Brother Titans housemates witnessed zero eviction on Sunday, following a new twist where Ipeleng, the Head of House, was asked to choose one housemate that will join her in the finale of the show.

Ipeleng who won the HoH games last week chose Ebubu to join her in the first-ever BBTitans finale after Biggie introduced a mysterious letter ahead of Sunday’s live eviction show.

The letter was brought to her after three ninjas walked into the Biggies’ house at about 7:20 pm after the show co-host Lawrence Maleka greeted the housemates.

In a suspense-filled show, Maleka told Ipeleng that, “as the Supreme Veto Power Holder of the house, the time has come to reveal the envelope, you may open the box.”

The letter conferred on Ipeleng the sole power to choose a housemate that will automatically join her at the finale.

“Congratulations once again on your incredible win in the supreme veto game, as the Supreme Veto winner you have the power to take one housemate with you to the finale, this privilege should not be taken likely. You have up to twenty-five minutes to make your decision,” the letter read.

Subsequently, the co-host directed Ipeleng to choose any housemate she wants within 25 minutes while warning other housemates to not try to influence her choice.

After the twenty-five minutes elapsed, a nervous Ipeleng announced Ebubu as the person she wants to join her at the finale.

An overjoyed Ebubu while hugging Ipeleng asked, “how can I repay you? I was surprised,” Ipeleng on her part responded saying, “you have to believe in yourself now that you are staying till the finale”, a reference to Ebubu’s fears that he might not make it to the finale.

Meanwhile, the Head of House games on Monday, March 6, took a different turn after Biggie introduced a number of twists to the show.

First, the HoH challenge was morphed into a Supreme Veto Game, then Biggie dissolved the erstwhile pairings while announcing that all housemates will battle for the grand prize as individuals after weeks of navigating the house in pairs. Moving forward, nominated housemates will face the threat of eviction on their own.

The information came to them a day after last week’s double eviction, which saw the pairs, Juiovla (Juicy Jay and Olivia), and Yelisa (Yemi Cregx and Nelisa) evicted in a shocking turn of events.

Meanwhile, Ipeleng became the first housemate to reserve her place in the Big Brother Titans finale after she won the veto power gameplay and was crowned the Supreme veto power holder.

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