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Just In: Tinubu’s minister reportedly poisoned in Abuja




Newslens NG reports that the Minister of Tourism, Lola Ade-John is reportedly fighting for her life after been poisoned and hospitalized.


Nigerian Tourism Minister, Lola Ade-John, has reportedly been hospitalized in Abuja due to acute poisoning of unknown origin.
According to People’s Gazette, the distressing incident has left her family scrambling to save her life while raising questions about her safety.

The 60-year-old minister was swiftly rushed to the Federal Medical Centre in Jabi after displaying severe symptoms of poisoning, according to sources close to her family.


As of Friday morning, Ms. Ade-John has spent four days at the facility, where she remains in critical condition and relies on a breathing machine for support.

The exact substance responsible for her poisoning remains a mystery, and investigations into this alarming incident have yet to yield answers.


The police and State Security Service have yet to confirm whether any inquiries have been initiated.

The worsening condition of Ms. Ade-John has not only brought distress to her family but also ignited a dispute within the government.


The Permanent Secretary of her ministry, Ngozi Onwudike, reportedly disagreed on whether she should continue receiving treatment at a public hospital or be transferred to a private, better-equipped facility in the city center.

Onwudike’s position, advocating for Ms. Ade-John to remain at the FMC, is based on the belief that the services provided there would not impose substantial costs on the government.


However, the family vehemently opposed this stance, citing concerns about the quality of care.

Financial constraints have left them unable to relocate her to a private hospital at this time.


Despite attempts to reach out to the Permanent Secretary, Ngozi Onwudike, for comment, her phone remained unresponsive as of Friday morning.

Efforts to obtain an official statement from the Federal Medical Centre regarding Ms. Ade-John’s condition also proved unsuccessful at this time.


Lola Ade-John, who assumed her ministerial role in August, was hailed as a unique appointment by President Bola Tinubu, given her background as a career banker and tech investor based in London.


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