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Just In: Napoli’s social media manager resign over TikTok video on Osimhen




Newslens NG reports that after heavy criticism, Napoli‘s social media executive has resigned amid the ongoing scandal surrounding the club’s highly criticized TikTok activities.
This week, the Serie A club provoked outrage by posting videos on their TikTok account insulting striker Victor Osimhen, prompting his agency to threaten legal action.


The first video showed the 24-year-old pleading for a penalty, with sped-up audio labeled “Gimme penalty, please” before firing the spot-kick wide of the post.

A second video from the club’s account, which has since been deleted, compared Osimhen to a “coconut,” which is usually seen as a racial slur.


And now, in the aftermath of the controversy, the club’s social media executive has left, as verified by a post on his personal Instagram account.

Alessio Fortino wrote: “Today, after 805 days, my professional adventure with SSC Naples ends.


“For many, this job would be comparable to a dream; for me, it was a simple daily reality a reality built on commitment and fueled by the constant desire to learn and play.

“I cannot help but express my deepest gratitude to all the colleagues, collaborators, partners, and supporters I’ve met along this long journey for making this experience so special.


“Leaving the company with a baggage of great memories and an excitement for the new adventures that lie ahead

“Thanks again for everything, and see you soon! Alessio.


Osimhen deletes Instagram photos wearing Napoli shirt over racial abuse TikTok videos
In response to the event, Napoli stated that they ‘never sought to mock’ Osimhen but did not officially apologize.

According to reports, Osimhen received a private apology from Napoli directors on Wednesday for the club’s attitude on social media, but he is disappointed that they did not also issue a public apology.



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