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Again, Gabon Junta Defies AU, Swears-In New Judges, Holds First Cabinet Meeting






In defiance of the African Union (AU), head of Gabon’s junta, General Brice Oligui Nguema, on Tuesday swore in fresh justices of the country’s Constitutional Court as well as members of his cabinet.

He also chaired the first council meeting with the ministers of his transitional government in Libreville, Gabon.


“I took this opportunity to remind members of the government of my demands, among which is , the service of the Gabonese is first and foremost,” the general tweeted on Tuesday evening.

The steps taken by the junta is in further disregard for the directive of the African Union (AU) which had on August 30, suspended the country following a coup d’etat.


The AU Commission for Political Affairs, Peace and Security, had reached the decision on Thursday at its 1172nd meeting on the developments in Gabon.

The Commission held that the country would not benefit or be part of any AU activities until democracy was restored.


“Council strongly condemns the military takeover of power in the Republic of #Gabon which ousted President Ali Bongo @PresidentABO on 30 August 2023;

“Decides to immediately suspend the participation of Gabon in all activities of the AU, its organs and institutions until the restoration of constitutional order in the country, in line with #AU
But days after the directive was given by AU, the junta swore in Nguema as transitional President, saying he would hold sway for the next two years.




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