Yakubu: I don’t fear death, I’ll rather go down fighting for justice – Falz fumes hot

Falz, a Nigerian hip-hop artist known for his confrontational music, has revealed why he chooses to make music that speaks to social and political issues in the country. In an interview with Arise TV, Falz stated that he is not afraid of death and that life in Nigeria is not meaningful.

He recently collaborated with fellow rapper Vector on a new song titled “Yakubu,” which took aim at the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), its chairman, and political parties allegedly involved in electoral malpractice during the most recent general election.

Falz explained that he would rather stand up for justice and fight for change than remain silent and be a victim of Nigeria’s failed system.

He emphasized that he is not abroad because he is afraid of confrontation from state actors over the controversial song.

Falz has been known to release music that is confrontational and critical of the Nigerian government and society. He believes that the country is already in a state of decline, and he is not afraid of the consequences of speaking out.

He would rather be remembered for living a meaningful life and fighting for a just cause than succumbing to the challenges of Nigeria’s broken systems.

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