Tragedy as Osun Herbalist uses pastor for ritual after seeking for spiritual powers


A herbalist by the name Isiaka Ogunkoya has been arrested by the Osun sate police command for murdering a pastor identified as Kalejaye Ezekiel for ritual purposes after he came to him seeking for spiritual powers.

The 48-year-old herbalist had confessed to this after he met his Waterloo while on his way to Isoyin area of the state.

He had been caught with several human parts which he confessed belonged to the pastor who had come to him seeking magical powers.




The man said:

“I k#lled the pastor for rit¥als, needed to make use of a human during that period and the pastor came around. He told me he needed more spiritual powers so as to have more members to his church so | thought it was a good opportunity for me to make use of the pastor for the rit¥als I’m supposed to do that time.

I gave him a s¥bstance to drink which he drank and slept off. So I b¥tch£red him and t%ok out his heart and intestines which i used to make a concoction.”


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