There is an audience of 100 people for each town hall, including CSOs and the Diplomatic Corps, it is an opportunity for Nigerians to hear directly from the aspirants and to ask them questions on governance and nation building. The Candidates has partnered with Zikoko Citizen to distill the conversation for the young, social media engaged audience, and with Africa Fact Check to ensure accuracy and accountability.


The Candidates,is broadcast across Nigeria on all platforms: live on NTA, and over 30 FRCN radio stations, other partner TV stations, as well as streamed online on YouTube and social media platforms to enable Nigerians in the diaspora to participate.


For more information, go to @TheDariaMedia on Twitter and Facebook, @dariamediang on Instagram, and @NTAnewsnow

For further details regarding attendance, please contact Kamri Apollo (Kamri.Apollo@daria.media 08095219463) and Bimbola Amao (bimbola.amao@daria.media 08060997556).

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