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Sailing ships and Instagram drama, It’s getting hotter in Episode 10 of University of Cruise



The University of Cruise crew manage to return from their brief stint as new lords of the street. Following the madness of the previous episode, the friends are rightfully wary of Flo and her wild ideas.

However, this doesn’t stop them from following her on another of her schemes when Etim feels discouraged about his music career.


Thankfully, our hearts are safe as the romance remains smooth sailing in this episode. Soma and Jacob share an endearing moment while Etim and Flo give us a taste of hot passion.

Episode 10 airs this Saturday, November 9 2023 on ROK TV on DSTV at 9pm WAT/10pm CAT and ROK UK at 9:30pm WAT/10:30pm CAT!


Created by ‘Oma Areh and Executive produced by ‘Oma Areh and Mercy Johnson-Okojie. University of Cruise is directed by Adeoluwa Owu and stars Amanda Dara, Nancy Ameh, Esther Agunbiade, Vine Olugu, Chisom Onwuegbuzia, Scott Obilo and Solomon Mike.

You can catch the repeats on Monday mornings at 9am WAT/10am CAT, Wednesday afternoons at 4pm WAT/5pm CAT and Friday nights at 9:30pm WAT/10:30pm CAT!


Watch Episode 10 Teaser here:

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1 Comment

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