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‘Like Father, Like Son’ — Reactions Trail Tinubu Son’s Acquisition Of $11m ‘Fraud Linked’ UK Mansion




On Tuesday 2nd May, 2023, Nigerians woke up to the news of the acquisition of an eleven million dollar mansion in the United Kingdom by 37-year-old Seyi Tinubu, the son of Nigeria’s president-elect, Bola Ahmed.


The story which was first published by Bloomberg Africa said a company linked to Seyi Tinubu paid $10.8 million cash for the property in 2017.

At the time of the purchase, the President Muhammadu Buhari-government was seeking to confiscate the property and arrest the former owner — Kolawole Aluko — accusing him of going on the run while owing the country an oil-trading debt worth more than $1.5 billion.


The report added that President Buhari visited President-elect Tinubu in the mansion in 2021, nearly four years after the purchase took place.

Reacting to the revelation, Nigerians on Twitter questioned how Seyi, who was 31 years old at that time, could afford the property with no big income source to match the purchase.


Tony Ogbuagu said, “A house that was to be confiscated for corruption under Buhari’s government in the UK was bought by Seyi Tinubu for $11m in 2017 as a 31-year-old, Like father like son, not surprised.”

Also, @urchilla01 tweeted, “So, 6 years ago, while Seyi Tinubu was still 30 years old, he was able to afford a N7.5B cash payment for a house in London. A house that was lined up for seizure by the Buhari administration due to corruption ties was suddenly bought over by Tinubu’s son, & he paid IN CASH!”


“If Seyi Tinubu who is just 31 can spend 8.1 Billion Naira to buy a property in the UK, what value system are we promoting as a nation and why shouldn’t other youths be involved in many forms of illicit money-making to match up?” another user @elonchorch asked.

Emma Umeh said, “We’re im trouble in this country, Seyi Tinubu bought Kola Aluko’s mansion the same mansion Buhari’s Govt wanted to seize. The shocking part is that they paid cash No mortgage. $11m. Buhari then visited Tinubu at the same Mansion in 2021.”


Similarly,@IkukuomaC said, “how was Seyi Tinubu able to afford a house of 11 million dollars in the UK ? A mansion President Buhari and Efcc wanted to confiscate,He went behind the Federal government to make the purchase…it’s going to be long ride with this illegitimate government.

“Who gave Seyi Tinubu 8.4 billion naira just to purchase a house in London ? Is he the only one running advertising company in Lagos ??? What is the worth of his company?” he added.

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