Elon Musk set to Launch Robot Wife by September (Photos/Details)



Tesla and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk and his company are in the final stages of making a Robot Wife.


The supply of Robot Wives is expected to roll out in September 2023. They will reach Africa by November 2023.

Robot Wife will use batteries that last by a menstrual circle. Batteries will only be charged for the full three days and operate for a month.

Elon musk robot wife
Sex with a Robot Wife will require a Password, Pattern, or Fingerprint to avoid tempering.


That she was designed with the personality and characteristics of the woman he dreams of, which do not exist in every normal person.


Many people were fooled by the images, but it Turns out that it’s AI-generated.


The Robot will cost around For the amount in USD $3,144 depending on the specs.


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