Angry mob ties Cable thief to transformer in Maiduguri – Photos

In the city of Maiduguri, located in the capital of Borno State, a suspected notorious thief was allegedly caught red-handed in the act of stealing electricity cables from a transformer.

The accused individual had been engaging in such illicit activities for an extended duration, evading capture until the early hours of Wednesday, May 17, 2023, when vigilant individuals finally apprehended him. This information was reported by the reliable Adamawa State News Flash correspondent stationed in Maiduguri.

Upon catching the thief in the act, a crowd quickly gathered, their anger and frustration reaching a boiling point. Fueled by their outrage at the repeated thefts, the mob took matters into their own hands and resorted to immediate action.

They proceeded to restrain the suspect by binding him tightly to the metallic frames of the very transformer he was attempting to pilfer. This measure was taken to prevent his escape and ensure that he faced the consequences of his alleged crimes.

The incident highlights the ongoing issue of cable theft in the region, which has plagued the community for a considerable period. The theft of electricity cables not only disrupts the power supply to households and businesses but also poses significant safety hazards.

These incidents often result in financial losses for both the electricity providers and the affected individuals who experience prolonged power outages and the subsequent inconvenience.

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The capture of this suspected thief serves as a reminder that the local population is growing increasingly intolerant of such criminal acts and is willing to take action to protect their community’s interests.

Law enforcement agencies are urged to remain vigilant and work in collaboration with the public to curb these illegal activities and ensure the safety and uninterrupted provision of electricity services to the residents of Maiduguri.

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